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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today I woke up early and I went to buy my brothers' school books. I was there half an hour before the shop opened. So everything went smoothly because there was not much people.As time passed, the queue grow longer longer. I was so relieved. Imagine waiting in line just for hours just to buy the books. I was lucky. Nah, maybe not. I think I was because I made a good decision. Haha =]

When I got home, I changed clothes and went to Lot 1 I needed to buy some things.
I went to Popular and bought a 2009 planner and a pen. Preparing early for next year.
Then I roamed around Lot 1 with my brother. I went to The Wallet Shop, I.P. Zone,
Cotton On and many more. I saw some shirts that I like at Cotton On. So I ended up
trying the shirts. I finally bought two shirts and two pairs of
shades or sunglasses =] I just LOVE the shirts and shades. I spent like two and a half hours at Lot 1. It was the first shopping trip I had ever since I entered JC. Haha =]

Tomorrow, I'm going out with my friends to buy some stuff for my teacher.
Yeah! Shopping again =]

we used to love - 2:31 PM

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I feel so tired today =[
I don't know why. All I did today was just
lying down in front of the television.
Nothing much. Then I watched a new cartoon with my sister,
POWERPUFF GIRLS Z. It was a 100 times better than the older
powerpuff girls. It looked like anime. Haha =]
That is all for today. Bye =]

we used to love - 12:59 PM

Monday, November 17, 2008


I just got back from a briefing in school. I'm goin on a trip to Brisbane, Australia with my
school. Sooo excited =] Its a Science Immersion Programme. I will still have to
study and mug over there. I wont let everyone down, I will put my heart and soul into studying. Not forgetting, I will enjoy myself there too. So I will be away from 23rd November to 2nd December 2008.

We will be attending lectures at University of Queensland, lectures such as plants and anatomy.
We will be staying at Oxygen apartments. There will also be fun activities at Stradbroke Island.
The funny thing is that it sounds a little like brokeback mountain. Haha =]

I am one of the group leaders, sooo unexpected but YEAH! =]
Rooming Boys 2. Must relay message to them and morning call. Haha =]
I hope my roomies are fun people. I dont want to be like studying the whole night then sleep.
I hope we can enjoy and go roaming around at night.

We will be going to Springbrook National Park and Gold Coast, Movie World.
Yeah! Shopping and fun. I've seen Gold Coast on the TV, I never would have imagined going
there. This would be the only shopping opportunity we will be given. ONE day only.

Well, the travel agent will be in Dubai while we are in Australia. I hope I can go Dubai one day.

I hope I can find some Australian buddies there. They would be like uni students. So far I'm the only malay guy going on the trip. I need to go shopping tomorrow and pack my homework.
Should I go Bugis Street or Banana Republic or Pasar Malam? Haha =]

we used to love - 1:43 PM

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Sister graduated with a Pre-school Diploma =]

I went to my sister's graduation with my mother and my cousin's family.
I dressed up formally, my favourite VERINDINE shoes and Idealism shirt =]
We went to SWISSOTEL THE STAMFORD by taxi.
That is like so much more classier than my graduation at Civil Servant Club at
Bukit Batok. By the way my sister's name is Siti Fatimah, she is 6 on 12/12
and she is from Iman Kindergarten.

Meet the 3 A s, Aaliyah, Adilah and Amir. They are my cousin's daughters.
I took this picin the taxi on our there. They call me "Cik Amir",
meaning uncle Amir =] The first picture was blur because the taxi was moving.

The table setting and cutlery was superb, top-notch and so high class.
The lighting was great and just look at the ceiling. We sat at table 80.
The food was served buffet style. The food was sooo SEDAP =]

Meet the GRADUATE. Haha =]
The performances by these kindergatens are superb, exciting and interesting.
There was a HIP HOP dance using the music Pain by Flo Rida ft. T-Pain,
ethnic Malay dance, Belly dancing , Bollywood dance, Skits, cheer leading,
Broadway, Choral reading and most IMPORTANT of all is the
CHACHA dance which my sister performed with her class =]
Isn't it amazing how these 6 year olds could put up such brilliant performances.
Kudos and around of applause to them =]

The other thing that amazed me was that they even had VALEDICTORIANS
and their command of english had the standards of a secondary one kid. I really
mean it. Then they showed how the teachers inculcate the passion of learning
and reading through fun and exciting mediums. Even though the speeches were
like 5 minutes or less, it is still great. Could you have said your speech to an
audience of around 1000 people in a ballroom when you were 6?
They looked like they were having fun fun saying their speeches.

There was this skit where they showed the love of a mother for her child. At the
end of the skit, the host called up the mother of the main actor. Then the 6 year old
said in the microphone, " I LOVE YOU" to his mother. Sooo touching.
And these were 6 year olds, I repeat, 6 year olds. Sooo amazing =]

When they wore their graduation robes and walked up the stage, I was like
a photo taking FRENZY. Parents rushed to take pictures of their children.
Their parents were so proud of them. I was also very very very very very
very very very very very very very very very very very very very very
PROUD of my sister. =]

At the end of the ceremony, my sister took a picture with her teachers.
Most of the teachers are in their mid 20 s and I could say almost all of
them were females. I saw the teachers CRYING. So emotional for them.
They were like kissing their students and hugging them. This is what
I call a TEACHER.

In conclusion, this graduation ceremony was a MILLION times better than
my graduation night. A million times better in every aspect.


I got to go now =]
I am going for my UQ briefing tomorrow.

Signing off,

we used to love - 6:43 PM

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hey guys and gals =]

This is my first time posting and creating a blog.
I took me days to get the html codes right, its
freaking tedious. But I put my heart and soul into it.
Haha =]

These days I'm filled with hatred and sorrow.
Well, life is tough so have I to persevere. In this world there
are so many people to love and to hate. I need a medium to
express myself. So I created this blog.
I rather love people than hate people.
But it seems so impossible to stop hating some ARSES.
Well, I just avoid these ARSES to love myself and others more.
Forgive me for the vulgar use of language =[
Using words such as bad people will lose its impact.
If you find it offensive just tell me.
OK? =]

So do you know why its is called anamiriswatiam.blogspot.com?
Haha =]
Let me enlighten you,
an apple, an owl, an oath , an orange
therefore you have an amir =]

So it is named as an amir is wat i am.
Haha =]

we used to love - 9:37 AM


Hi, AMIR here =]

I'm a 1991 Scorpio who is SUPER nice and friendly.

I will be sharing the loves and wars I face daily.

Forgive me if I seem to be cheesy or vulgar.

I have 5 siblings and we fight A LOT but we still LOVE each other.

I am currently a Pioneer JC student.


To go to Nanyang Technological University

To become Mr.Director, directing and producing dramas and movies.

To go to Egypt.



LANGUAGES: English,Malay,Chinese, Arabic,Korean and Japanese.

Koda Kumi 倖田 來未









Denting - Melly Goeslow